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Tariff Mega Speed First Home Life Online
Speed, Mbps 1000 50 100 1000
Price, UAH/month 110.00 150.00 200.00 250.00
check iconOrder check iconOrder check iconOrder check iconOrder
Antivirus, UAH/month incl 15.00 15.00 incl
Digital channels 70 - 70 70
All TV channels 49.00 - 69.00 49.00
Rent STB, UAH/month 42.90 - 42.90 42.90
Premium TV package "VIP", UAH/month 59.00 - 59.00 59.00
Credit mode, UAH incl incl incl incl
Cable safety, UAH/month 15.00 15.00 15.00 15.00
Online TV, Smart TV, Mobile TV incl. incl. incl. incl.
Connection, UAH 0.99* 49.00 49.00 99.00

* You can connect to the high-speed special rate "Mega Speed" from 1 of June till 31 till 30 of October 2019. Duration of the promo tariff - 150 days. At the end of the term promo tariff will be automatically changed to the tariff "Life Online!". Offer does not apply to customers who have a current contract or contract which dissolved during this period. The cost of connection with the signing of additional agreement is 0.99 UAH., The cost of connection without signing additional agreement is 499 UAH.

** For a comfortable TV viewing, we strongly recommend not to use the WiFi connection of TVs, but to use a wired connection instead. With the wired connection option, the negative impact of surrounding equipment and walls on the quality of service is minimized.

The Internet connection by IPnet – the right decision for everyone

IPnet company is a big name on the Ukrainian telecommunication market since 2001. As for today, it is one of the largest Internet service providers in Kiev. Over the years, the company has established a reputation as a reliable and advanced provider that offers its subscribers the Internet connection on beneficial terms.


Sustainable operation of the IPnet network is based on competent financial investments in cutting-edge equipment, as well as constant working on enhancing the service level. Moreover, the company possesses a professionally organized system of external channels that have a positive impact on the channel capacity and guarantees the highest speed of the Internet in the capital.

The high-speed Internet for Kyiv citizens by IPnet

A modern person can't live without the Internet. It can be used for both managing a business and just communicating with friends and relatives. It's beyond dispute that the unlimited Internet can become extremely useful in everybody's life. In most cases people need high-speed Internet to accomplish the tasks at hand. This is the kind of the Internet connection IPnet subscribers get.

The company's clients can easily solve numerous everyday tasks without wasting their time:

  • - they always have a sustainable source of reliable information at hand;
  • - they can become engaged in self-education – get a remote training or study foreign languages;
  • - the Internet in Kyiv by the reliable provider is an affordable means of communication with friends all over the globe;
  • - IPnet subscribers have no problems with downloading movies, music, and educational software – connection speed and channel capacity provide such an opportunity;
  • - users from various countries can unite on the Internet and together work on solving any kind of global issues conduct researches;
  • - to get access to the high-speed Internet in a detached house/apartment is the right decision for gamers who can't live without online games.

Regardless users' goals, the wired Internet must operate smoothly and reliably. If the system is up and running, all a subscriber needs to do is to make monthly payments in due time. The main thing is to contact a reliable service provider to conclude a service contract.

You can take a few steps to make sure that IPnet is one of the leaders on the national telecommunication market. The first one is to find out, what current subscribers think about it (study reviews on the Internet, ask your friends and neighbors). The next one is to make sure that additional opportunities, offered by the provider to its subscribers, do really exist (digital television, IP telephony). The final step is to study the conditions of the tariffs offered. The key indicator here is the data amount that can be received per second.

Advantages of the Internet connection by IPnet

As it has already been mentioned above, before concluding a service contract with an Internet provider, you should study conditions of the company's services. To do this, you need to pay attention to the following indicators:

  • - availability of several tariff plans - a serious service provider always offers several tariffs to its clients, from which they can select the most suitable one;
  • - speed and ability to transmit the Internet connection. It's preferable to choose a provider with the stipulated speed range;
  • - the number of servers available;
  • - service costs. A reliable provider won't offer service at the obviously understated cost - in this case, both the Internet quality and speed will only disappoint you;
  • - availability of customer support and technical maintenance. It's important to have an opportunity to fix connection problems and other breakdowns both in via telephone and by communicating with specialists in person. Just like any other, the wireless Internet for a laptop may fail to operate smoothly; thus, a prompt solution to the problem is extremely important;
  • - availability of a company's own website. A major Internet service provider offers information about all promotions and discounts to its subscribers in their personal accounts. Here you can also see conditions of your tariff plan, switch to another tariff, check the account balance, and make a deposit to it.

Conditions offered by IPnet company meet all the above-mentioned requests. Here you can choose one of 5 offered tariff packages with the cost starting from 99 UAH per month. The price depends on the preferred Internet speed. If a future subscriber plans to use it for remote work from home, the speed of 30 Mbps will be quite enough. For a gamer, at least 100 Mbps is required.

It will take several steps to become a subscriber: to leave an application on the official website or by phone, to agree the time of servicemen arrival and wait for them. It will take specialists about 1 hour to hook up to the Internet and fix the connection. All the IPnet clients can monitor information on the official website - here you can find constantly updated promotions that make it possible to take advantage of beneficial terms and connect to the World Wide Web at substantial discounts. All you need to do to save your money is to choose a promotional service package.

Why you should subscribe to the unlimited Internet traffic by IPnet

The best way to check the service quality of the provider is to see reviews of its subscribers. If you don't know where to hook up the Internet - Kyiv recommends IPnet. For today the company is one of the top five in the capital, with the number of subscribers exceeding 35 thousand citizens. They are all at one in thinking that this provider is really one of the best service providers on the Kyiv telecommunication market. There are a number of objective reasons for this:

  • the company's current subscribers can monitor promotions and special offers on the company's website;
  • 24-hour support is available to all users;
  • clients can take advantage of a beneficial bonus program;
  • the Internet is really fast and the connection is reliable;
  • convenient service conditions, reasonable prices.

Besides the service of connecting to the World Wide Web, users can appreciate additional opportunities as well:

  • connect to digital television and telephony in one package;
  • order laptop and PC diagnostics and maintenance;
  • leave an application for diagnostics of equipment and hardware peripherals;
  • order installation and configuration services for an operating system;
  • take advantage of a loyalty program and purchase cutting-edge gadgets with a discount.

This and much more is now available to everyone. All you need to do is send an application and wait for a call from the call center operator. It will take 60 minutes after the application been sent during working hours (from 9.00 to 21.00). If you still doubt about choosing the best suitable connection package, our specialist will explain conditions of every tariff package to a client and help to choose the most suitable one.

You need to decide whether you want to have the wired or wireless Internet in your home. Currently the second option is becoming more and more popular, since usually more than one gadget operates in a single apartment. In this case, you will need to purchase a router that can also be configured by our specialists - only this will guarantee its uninterrupted operation. However, you should keep in mind that the Internet speed will be divided between all devices connected to the router.

The total time of accomplishing a connection application doesn't exceed 16 hours. As it has already been mentioned before, the works that require a client's presence will take no more than 60 minutes. Specialists will perform the following activities:

  • lay a cable from the provider’s equipment to a client's premises;
  • connect to a port in the cross-connecting equipment of the service provider;
  • provide a cable (up to 20 m long);
  • wire clamping with a cross-connector (size RJ – 45);
  • install a network adapter if necessary;
  • register a user in the network of the networking equipment provider;
  • make the basic router settings;
  • configure STB (if necessary).

All the above mentioned facts show that IPnet specialists are able to hook up and connect the Internet, as well as to provide a user with lots of additional services within short time period. At the same time the quality of activities performed, as well as the Internet speed and reliability will be exceptionally high.

Send an application - become a subscriber today!