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IPTV – Digital TV in Kiev From IPnet


Digital television in Kyiv by IPnet contains more than 175 channels in digital quality, which include all broadcast television channels, popular foreign channels, sports channels and National Geographic. And special offer - Packages "Maximum Cinema" channels, "VIP" and "HD channels". Digital TV from IPnet is available for viewing on a computers without any additional devices, on your TV screen using the set-top box (STB), and on SMART TVs, Samsung and LG.

You can connectto digital TV IPTV in Kiev very easy/ You just need to fill the application form, and manager of IPnet will contact you!


Advantages of digital television from The IPnet company

  • Broadcast more than 175 TV channels in digital quality.
  •  Support for high-definition television – HDTV.
  •  Modern IPTV subscriber equipment. STB supports the transmission of video information in the high-definition standard Full HD and 3D.
  • IPTV provides comfortable software update or a list of TV channels. STB supports two-way communication with IPnet and does not require self-reconfiguring or call the master.
  • The subscriber can independently manage a set of digital TV services according to their own desires (choice of the packages and channels).
  •  Convenient electronic program guide for the day, as well as the ability to set reminders for favorite shows.
  • YouTube - surfing right from the STB.


Equipment for IPTV

You can enjoy digital TV IPnet on TV orby computer. If you use a computer, you have the opportunity to watch IPTV online via Ipnet-player! This versatility allows you to watch your favorite films and TV programs almost anywhere in your home or apartment and you will not be "tied" to the place where a TV.

To view digital TV on your TV set you should use IPTV additional equipment - a universal prefix STB (IPTV SetTopBox), which can be also a media center.

This equipment gives you an opportunity to watch TV and to view your video content Your video content that is stored on your computer.

With the STB, you can also get acquainted with the weather forecast, traffic jams in the city, play games, take advantage of such popular services like YouTube, MEGOGO TV!


Simultaneous connection of several TV sets

The favorable conditions for connecting several television sets to IPnet Digital TV: one apartment = one subscriber fee!

Note that every TV set connected to IPnet TV services requires a separate set-top box.

Using the Digital TV from IPnet will allow you to forget of any poor quality pictures on your TV set, you will enjoy a wide range of interesting TV channels in Ukraine and enjoy all advantages and services provided by the television set-top box (STB) with media server function.

And most importantly, you may use high-speed Internet from The IPnet company at the market value of television service, as when connecting to digital TV in Kiev, you get Internet integrated with TV!