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CABLE TV from IPnet

The CABLE TV service from IPnet allows you to watch up to 150 TV channels in digital quality without connecting additional devices. The service is available in analog and digital formats.

Order a Сable TV connection from IPnet and enjoy watching your favorite TV channels.

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Cable Television by IPnet Provider

IPnet Company provides telecommunication services - digital television IPTV and the Internet access. Among our subscribers, there are many clients who have been using the company’s services for more than 18 years. The network of fiber-optic cables laid by the provider is more than 600 km long. It makes available seamless digital cable television, Kyiv has already appreciated the quality of this service. The company’s clients reside in various areas of the capital: Pechersky and Desnyansky, Obolonsky and Darnitsky, Svyatoshinsky and Podolsky, and have access to 175 channels of digital television.


Cable TV and its advantages in IPnet Company

The offer by IPnet Company includes several cable television packages. The client can choose a suitable package, including from 140 to 175 channels. From such a variety of channels, everyone can choose something that suits their interests. Domestic and foreign, sports and entertaining, educational movies and series – all channels are in excellent digital quality.

All channels are available for viewing on ordinary television sets with the connection of a tuner, STB set-top box, the rental of which is included in the package tariff. Also, without any restrictions, viewing is possible on the computer display.

All channels are available on ordinary television receivers with a connected tuning adapter, a STB unit, whose rental is included in the package tariff. Also, you can watch the channels without limitation on a computer screen.

Cable digital television

Cable TV – is an alternating TV type to the on-air broadcasting and satellite television. This TV type features a number of advantages:

  • high and sustainable broadcasting quality;
  • proper jamming protection;
  • opportunity to add and update channels;
  • opportunity to connect several TV-sets (provided that a tuning adapter is connected to each of them) with broadcasting different channels simultaneously;
  • technical support by the provider specialists.

The cable television operator IPnet uses a sub-mainline cable to transmit signal, from which an antenna cable is laid to your apartment and makes it possible to maintain a high speed of information transmission and to transmit it for long distances.

Cable television in Kyiv is offered in two formats – in analog and digital ones. The common analog television operation is based on continuous signal transmission principle. A TV-set receives this signal using an antenna and transforms it into an image. Such a signal is sensitive to jamming and despite a low cost of this method, it’s gradually recede into the past. The analog cable television is characterized by slightly better quality and signal transmission via a cable than the on-air broadcasting, but the advantages of the digital cable TV are undeniable.

In case of the digital transmission of a television cable signal, digital data encoding and subsequent compression is used. To decode the signal and convert it into a video and audio signal, special tuning receivers are used that are connected to a TV-set. By using this method, the image quality significantly improves and it becomes possible to use the true HDTV technology. It is digital technology that makes it possible to watch TV-broadcasting on a computer screen.

How to order and connect to the cable TV in IPnet

All you need to do to take full advantage of all the assets of the digital technology is to choose a cable television package and order a connection from IPnet provider.

All IPnet clients receive:

  1. 24/7 technical support;
  2. seamless broadcasting;
  3. bonuses and special offers;
  4. reasonable tariffs.

It’s easy to connect cable television in digital format. All you should do is fill in the form on the website or contact IPnet by phone. After processing your request, cable television connection will be made within 16 hours. Since that time, the whole world will be displayed on your TV screen in high quality.

We are looking forward to receiving your orders. And we are sure hope our cooperation will be long and beneficial.