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IPnet Company - Internet and TV provider in Kiev: Obolon, Minska, Poznyaky, Osokorky, Kharkivskiy, Troeschina, Podil, Pechersk and other areas of Kiev.

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IPnet – the stable Internet in any Kiev district

It is difficult to imagine a modern person’;s life without the high-speed Internet. And IPnet Company realizes it like no other. I ...

IPnet Company provides the stable Internet coverage in various districts of the capital, as well as attractive tariff rates and favorable promotion campaigns for new/regular clients. Appreciate all the opportunities of innovative telecommunication services with IPnet provider!

The Internet coverage by IPnet Company: the districts list

Wherever you are, the communications provider IPnet will provide you with unlimited and affordable Internet connection. IPnet Company offers access to the Internet and IPTV digital television to residents of the following Kiev districts:

  • Obolon and Minskiy;
  • Poznyaky and Osokorky;
  • Kharkovskiy and Troeschina;
  • Podol and Pechersk.

In every district and in every house the coverage is of equally high quality. The network works without any failures or speed drops, which is proven by numerous client reviews. The IPnet management expends extensive efforts to develop the network, which promotes the company’s constant improvement and development. You will get mostly positive emotions when using the Internet by IPnet.

IPnet – the best provider in Kiev: coverage and other advantages

IPnet is the largest Internet provider on the telecommunications market of Kiev. Due to 18 years of experience they can be sure that they know exactly what subscribers want. The main thing is a stable connection speed, as well as pleasant and friendly service. And IPnet provider is the one that fully corresponds to these requirements. 

The Internet by IPnet Company provides you with lots of opportunities. The company offers mutually beneficial conditions for providing a communication channel to both individuals and legal entities. It cooperates with small- and large-scale companies, store units, offices and other organizations. The network covers various business and shopping centers, as well as entertainment establishments and other enterprises.

The service range provided to subscribers by IPnet is amazingly diverse. It includes not only unlimited Internet access, but also:

  • the “smart home” systems and security systems;
  • digital TV (200 the most interesting channels for recreation and leisure);
  • comprehensive telecommunication solutions for business.

Each client receives a round-the-clock technical support, which will help to solve an issue of concern at any moment. 

Where can I find the coverage area of IPnet provider in Kiev? You can find the list of addresses available for connection on an interactive map on the official IPnet website. By using a convenient online map, you can easily determine whether it is possible to connect the Internet to your location. The map is divided into zones marked with different colors for easier orientation. If you have any questions left, you can call the following phone number. IPnet staff is at your disposal to provide you with advice and assistance in choosing a tariff.