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Information about IPnet

IPnet is the largest operator and a technology leader in the telecommunications market in Kyiv. We provide access to the Internet and digital TV IPTV. IPnet offers its customers an extremely convenient and efficient services "2-in-1" - simultaneous connection to the Internet have a revolutionary speed of up to 1 Gbit/s and view more than 175 digital TV channels.

Working on the telecommunications market of Ukraine's capital since 2001, IPnet company has earned a reputation as a reliable and advanced operator. We guarantee our customers a consistently high quality and the most advanced technological solutions.

IPnet invests in high-quality equipment and competent construction of the outer channel systems. This provides exceptional stability of the network IPnet. In particular, we are working with the best international backbone operators, by booking their external channels on 100%, the combined capacity is more than 50 Gbit/s.

The foundation of our company's success is ongoing work on further improvement of quality of service and attention to each client. The best proof of it are many subscribers who preferring IPnet services for over 18 years.

You can rate reliability and innovation IPnet services in practice. Choose more options - without the high cost!


Digital TV and Internet in Kyiv from IPnet

IPnet The company provides its customers numerous services of exceptionally high quality. The uninterrupted high-speed access to the Internet in Kyiv (Obolon, Troyeschina and Kharkovskiy) and the ability to view a large number of carefully selected, really interesting television channels in digital quality video and audio, including Full HD. And all this on favorable and flexible terms, providing for the possibility of individual choice of connection speed to the Internet, the list of channels and a variety of other options available in our user-friendly tariff packages.

Now the length of the fiber optic cables is greater than 600 km and continues to expand. The network already connects 1555 houses and more than 300 thousand of apartments and offices in Obolonskiy, Desnyanskiy and Darnitskiy districts of the capital. The total number of subscribers more than 50 000 people, including legal entities.

Internet in Kyiv from IPnet, provided by Ethernet technology, - a quality connection at high speed. The company is an official participant of Ukrainian exchange Internet traffic UA-IX and has broad channels of access to the foreign segment of the Internet. It means that IPnet customers who have purchased the service of access to the Internet in Kyiv, guaranteed to get a connection to Ukrainian and foreign resources with minimum delay and maximum speed. Digital TV from IPnet contains more than 175 channels in digital quality. They include all the channels broadcasting television, popular foreign channels, packages VIP. sports channels and National Geographic And as a special offer - channel packages “Maximum Cinema”, “VIP” and “HD channels”. Digital TV from IPnet is available for viewing on a computer without any additional devices, on TV via using the set-top box (STB), and on the SMART TVs - Samsung and LG.

In addition, all subscribers of IPnet, who use the services of digital TV and Internet in Kyiv, provid technical support 24/7 and convenient own account control panel, and flexible payment services.

You can connect to Internet and IPTV easily. It is only necessary to fill in the application form and our managers will contact you as soon as possible.   

IPnet provider – high-quality technological solutions

IPnet provider is the high-speed affordable Internet in Kyiv that offers extensive coverage (the whole Darnitsa and Troeshina districts, as well as Obolon' and Kharkivskiy). Besides the high-quality Internet with the speed of up to 1000 Mb/s, IPnet offers its customers to connect to IPTV digital television and watch more than 130 television channels in HD quality. ...

IPnet – the guarantee of sustainable connection

Our company offers the affordable Internet based on Ethernet technology, which makes it possible to receive the perfect high-speed access and get beneficial tariffs for complex television connection of subscribers. Access providers in Kyiv that offer similar services face critical transmission problems, which have a negative impact on the quality of the services provided and result in frequent service interruptions.

Our company acts as an official representative of UA-IX traffic exchange via Ukrainian network, which enables us to provide you with broad access to various foreign segments. We constantly keep the increasing extension of our fibre-optic cables and improve service level. At the moment the network connects more than 300,000 offices and apartments, as well as more than 1,600 houses in Desnayanskiy, Obolon’, Pecherskiy and Darnitsa districts.

Advantages of IPnet provider

  • - our organisation has been providing services since 2001, and has established a reputation as a leading, advanced and reliable provider;
  • - we guarantee up-to-date technological solutions and custom-tailored service;
  • - we enhance our service, upgrade equipment and pay attention to everyone;
  • - we work closely together with large international transmission operators by completely backing up external channels with total capacity of more than 3 Gb/s.

What will a subscriber get by choosing our telecommunication service provider?

  • - the high-speed Internet;
  • - quick signal transmission (up to 1,000 Mb/s);
  • - strong signal and uninterrupted worldwide data transmission.

Are you searching for a high-quality service provider? Contact us, and our specialists will advise you of the connection price and will help to call a serviceman. We provide new subscribers with special discounts and interesting offers! You can leave your application by calling a freephone (044) 507-05-05 or by filling in a special application form on our website. By choosing a reliable provider, you save time and money!