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If you have a Smart TV set - the DIGITAL TV service from IPnet will allow you to watch up to 200 TV channels in the IPnet IPTV app for Smart TV without connecting additional devices.

Install the IPnet IPTV app on your Smart TV and enjoy watching your favorite channels. Use the new features of the IPnet IPTV app, such as: TV-ARCHIVE, Parental Control, Profiles, Reminders and Recommendations.

The service is available for LG and Samsung TVs with Smart TV technology at any place with Internet connection.

Detailed information on installing the application on all models of SMART-TVs and Android STBs can be found on this page.



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Digital television in Kyiv by IPnet Company

Television has firm position among modern entertainment. An opportunity to view your favourite shows and series makes it possible for TV to remain one of the most popular leisure activities. However, the technologies are advancing fast. The classical broadcasting has been replaced by a new television era, which iptv provider IPnet is proud to offer to its clients.


The difference between analogue and digital broadcasting can be clearly seen at the example of photos. Classical film devices are inferior to their modern counterparts.

High colour rendering, saturated shades, high granularity – all these characterize not only photos, but a TV picture as well. It is a cutting-edge technology, that enables to broadcast the stream (image and sound) in a special format. This approach takes the received signal quality to an entirely different level.

Digital television by IPnet

The company offers a new era of high quality video to its subscribers. We are the largest operator on the Kyiv market, which offers the highest level of telecommunicational IPnet iptv services at affordable prices. The best equipment, reliability, and advanced technological solutions will enable our clients to immerse in a new world of high quality television.

A subscriber can choose from four types of iptv services:

  • Comfortable home – 150 channels;
  • Extra – 140;
  • Ultra – 155;
  • Premium – 175.

You can find the complete channel list at https://ipnet.ua/tv_channels.

The owners of common-format television receivers featuring the built-in smart iptv technology can connect to the desired package without using any additional devices. At their disposal are more than 100 new-format channels. The direct access service is available for LG and Samsung receivers regardless of their location. The only condition for full-fledged use is a stable Internet connection.

The owners of other TV brands or older models that don't support Smart TV technology can enjoy TV shows in excellent quality as well. For this, they require a special device – a set-top box. It can be connected via a HDMI slot. The system receives a digital TV signal, processes it and shows an image in a common format. Some decoders support additional cam-modules for receiving dvb-c broadcasts from other operators.

The operator offers its clients to purchase a set-top box or rent it. Monthly subscription fee.

Advantages of digital TV by IPnet

Digital broadcasting has significantly advanced from the analogue one in standards of quality and comfort. Functions that seemed fiction not long ago are now available for any user. “Television on demand” is an entirely new level by the IPnet provider. From now on, you and your family will be able to adjust your favourite movies and programs to a convenient time. You can view them in the live mode or with a delay. Have missed the series? Not a problem – just wind off the broadcast! It is a unique opportunity to watch programs when it is convenient for you.

By using prepared TV sets or a receiving module, a client can select an appropriate content on his own. The “Favourites” function will help to easily set bookmarks to your favourite thematic channels. You won't have to waste time searching for them, after being marked they are always at hand.

The clients also can:

  1. Suspend broadcasting of a movie or a program. Pause the TV, and after returning you will be able to watch your favourite content from the marked place.
  2. Wind a program off and enjoy interesting moments again.
  3. Turn back the clock! Watch a broadcast that has already ended.
  4. Have a current TV program offering an opportunity to mark important events.
  5. Implement parental control.

The digital broadcasting technology is abundant and is constantly expanding. A subscriber can choose on his own, which opportunities of controlling broadcasts he should connect to. Services are activated in a personal user account.

Digital television in Kyiv has advantages not only in terms of service:

  • stable television broadcasting;
  • high quality of the received streaming regardless of weather conditions;
  • minimum number of additional receiving equipment;
  • complete control over the received signal;
  • excellent image with stereo sound.

Analogue receiving is subject to critical changes in case of any deviations from the norm. When an antenna leaves a repeater broadcasting zone, the receiving level may decrease to zero. Digital TV has no such disadvantages. The technology offers complete control over the transmitted data. The well-thought-out network eliminates unpleasant noise waves. The image has no repeat or ripple.

There are no images deformations on the screen. As the result, a user receives a high-quality picture with high resolution together with clear sound.

You no longer need to buy amplifiers or special antennas. Forget about constant tuning of the receiver. Hundreds of channels are ready to entertain the client. All this is digital TV Kyiv by IPnet.

How to connect to iptv

All you need to do to become the company's subscriber, is just to fill in the application form. Our specialist will contact you to clarify the details, select the best connection option, and choose a convenient time for an adjuster's visit. The list of works includes:

  • laying of the cable communication line to a subscriber's premises;
  • connection to the ports of the service provider;
  • provision of up to 20 meters of cable for layout inside the apartment, connection clamping;
  • if necessary, installation of additional network equipment;
  • adjustment of the router, receiver, and configuration of the parameters.

Broadcasting is transmitted as streaming video. On the client's side, a STB (Set Top Box) or Smart TV is required. They are connected to the operator's network, which transmits the coded information of a certain frequency and range. At the end, the data is decoded and shown as an image.

Set-top boxes are convenient since they perform auto-adjustment of an image to a specific screen. All a user needs to do is to turn on the system and enjoy the picture.

Dvb-c television is characterized by the fact that the set-top box with the receiver is constantly connected to the broadcasting network. A user doesn't have to wait for the connection request; video and sound are received as an uninterrupted package at a high speed.

Join the new iptv generation in Ukraine!