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Tariff Smart pair Extra Ultra All Inclusive!
Speed, Mbps 100 100 500 1000
Digital channels 150 150 150 175
Price, UAH/month 99.00 230.00 300.00 350.00
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Antivirus incl 15.00 15.00 incl
TV ARCHIVE 35.00 35.00 35.00 incl
All TV channels 20.00 49.00 incl incl
Rent STB, UAH/month ** 35.00 35.00 35.00 35.00
Premium TV package "VIP", UAH/month 59.00 59.00 59.00 incl
Credit mode, UAH incl incl incl incl
Cable safety, UAH/month 15.00 15.00 15.00 15.00
Online TV, Smart TV, Mobile TV incl. incl incl. incl.
Connection, UAH 0.99* 49.00 99.00 99.00

* You can connect to special rate "Smart Couple" from June 15 till October 30, 2019. Duration of the promo tariff - 150 days. At the end of the validity period tariff will be automatically changed to the tariff "Extra". Offer does not apply to customers who have a current contract or contract which dissolved during this period. The cost of connection with the signing of additional agreement is 0.99 UAH., The cost of connection without signing additional agreement is 499 UAH.

** The cost of renting the first STB MAG is 35.00 UAH per a month; the costof renting the second and each subsequent STB MAG is 42.90 UAH per a month. The cost of renting the first STB IPnet TV Box is 50.00 UAH per a month; the costof renting the second and each subsequent STB IPnet TV Box is 55.00 UAH per a month. If you use tariff "Premium", the cost of renting the first and second STB MAG is 35.00 UAH per a month; the cost of renting the third and each subsequent MAG is 42.90 UAH per a month.

*** For a comfortable TV viewing, we strongly recommend not to use the WiFi connection of TVs, but to use a wired connection instead. With the wired connection option, the negative impact of surrounding equipment and walls on the quality of service is minimized.

Description of the Internet + TV service from IPnet

When buying up-to-date TV-set, consumers are eager to get an excellent HD-quality picture. They can achieve it by connecting to the Internet + TV service by IPnet. Your opportunities are limited only by a package you select out of many choices offered. To make it easier for you to decide, we will elaborate on what Internet television is.


Description of the Internet+TV service by IPnet

The main point of the Internet+TV service is that a television signal is received and transmitted using the Internet connection. By connecting to one of the offered packages, a user gets:

  • A subscriber can view high-quality video material: movies, telecasts, and talk shows.
  • He receives access to an electronic TV program.
  • Parental control function is available. This option makes it possible to protect a child from adult content.
  • There is a search function that enables you to find movies and TV shows in the entire video library available in a particular TV+Internet package.
  • A subscriber can watch TV shows and get access to the Internet from any device: a tablet, a smartphone.

Please note! We recommend that you should use a wired connection since, in case of a Wi-Fi access point, the negative influence of surrounding factors can be perceptible.

We offer

The Internet + TV Kyiv is available in various packages. Their common feature is the HD image format. We offer the following options:

  • “Comfortable home”. You will get the Internet connection speed of 100 Mbps and 150 digital channels; an antivirus is included in the package. Which means that you immediately receive safe access to the Web. Within this package, you can additionally connect a TV archive, all channels, a premium package, cable security. The monthly subscription fee is 110 UAH.
  • “Extra”. The same speed and 140 channels. Additional services are available: an antivirus, a TV archive, all TV channels, STB rent, a premium package, cable security. The connection fee is 49 UAH, the monthly fee is 190 UAH.
  • The “Ultra” package. It is recommended for those who need a higher connection speed – the package offers up to 300 Mbps. The number of channels is also increased to 155. The monthly subscription fee is 250 UAH. The “Ultra” package also includes the All TV Channels service. Additionally, you can order the above-described options. The connection fee is 99 UAH.
  • You can connect to the Internet and TV in Kyiv by choosing the “Premium” package. It is the most expensive offer, but it has been specially designed for demanding subscribers. The Internet connection speed is 500 Mbps, the number of TV channels is 175. The monthly fee is 330 UAH. A client receives the following free services – an antivirus, a TV archive, all TV channels, the premium VIP package. Connection fee is 99 UAH.

For all the packages, STB equipment rent is available; it is convenient since you don't have to pay extra for buying it. Rental conditions:

  • The first STB console – 35 UAH, regardless of package.
  • The second and subsequent – 49 UAH per month each.

Advantages of this service by IPnet

By connecting to a service package TV and the Internet, a subscriber receives numerous advantages, including:

  1. Online TV is characterized by a sharp image and high-quality sound. You will be extremely pleased by watching your favourite movies and TV shows.
  2. Subscribers can view particular TV channels in test mode for free.
  3. The best possible contents of packages for subscribers with different demands.
  4. Internet TV is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
  5. A computer, smart TV, phones, tablets, and TV set consoles have access to the device.
  6. A subscriber pays a single bill to receive two necessary services at the same time.

We offer one of the most affordable TV and Internet services in Kyiv and Ukraine.

Since our coverage in Kyiv is quite solid, you can retain the previous contract terms when changing your residence or office address. However, this is only possible if there is coverage at your new address. In this case, all a subscriber needs to do is to notify our personnel that he moves to a new place – the account balance, the activated package and additional services will be retained.

Why you should connect to this service by IPnet

We have already discussed the advantages of using the Internet and television. But we also guarantee more affordable prices, since wholesale services are cheaper than ordering individual Internet and television packages. Moreover, image quality is higher when using online technologies.

Using TV is easy; you don't have to worry about connection – our experts will carry out all the required pre-commissioning activities.

Please note! All the clients who have connected to TV Internet Kyiv and are using our services on a constant basis have an opportunity to participate in our loyalty program. By just using prepaid services and paying the subscription fee on time, you can get points to your bonus account. You can use them to pay for additional services.

Another pro argument is an opportunity to use the high-speed Internet and stay online at any time. There are no limitations on the traffic amount.

To connect the Internet and TV by IPnet is beneficial and convenient. You don't need to worry about expensive tariffs or inconvenient conditions – we do our work to provide maximum to our customers. Connection, commissioning and maintenance – only on beneficial terms.

Contact us if:

  • You have difficulties in selecting the right package.
  • You want to check the coverage quality at a particular address in Kyiv.
  • You have decided to order connection and need additional advice.
  • You have any questions on cooperation with us.

We are looking forward to your calls and at your disposal to provide all the necessary information!