Tariff Spring Extra Ultra Premium
Speed, Mbps 100 100 300 500
Digital channels 150 140 155 175
Price, UAH/month 89.00 170.00 230.00 310.00
Antivirus incl 15.00 15.00 incl
TV ARCHIVE 29.90 29.90 29.90 incl
All TV channels 9.99 39.00 incl incl
Rent STB, UAH/month ** 35.00 35.00 35.00 35.00
Premium TV package "VIP", UAH/month 59.00 59.00 59.00 incl
Cinema, UAH/month incl 7.50 incl incl
Credit, UAH 30.00 56.00 76.00 103.00
Cable safety, UAH/month 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00
Connection fee, UAH/month 0.00 15.00 15.00 15.00
Connection, UAH 0.99* 49.00 99.00 99.00

* You can connect to social special rate "Spring" from February 26 till May 27, 2018. Duration of the promo tariff - 150 days. At the end of the validity period tariff will be automatically changed to the tariff "Extra" or "Home" (depending on the fact of use of STB). Offer does not apply to customers who have a current contract or contract which dissolved during this period. The cost of connection with the signing of additional agreement is 0.99 UAH., The cost of connection without signing additional agreement is 199 UAH.
** The cost of renting the first STB is 35.00 UAH per a month; the costof renting the second and each subsequent STB is 42.90 UAH per a month. The cost of renting the first STB IPnet TV Box is 39.90 UAH per a month; the costof renting the second and each subsequent STB IPnet TV Box is 49.90 UAH per a month. If you use tariff "Premium", the cost of renting the first and second STB is 35.00 UAH per a month; the cost of renting the third and each subsequent is 42.90 UAH per a month.

Connect Internet and TV in Kiev

It has been long since those time passed when two different cables provided access to the Internet and television. Today, you can easily connect the Internet and digital television together, in one package.

The advantages of this connection are obvious:
• One contract for two services. For digital TV and the Internet you pay together.
• The total package is much cheaper than two separate packages. You save from 20% to 50%.
• Convenient account replenishment through your personal online page. It takes only 10 minutes to pay for services.

To watch TV programs, you need a special tuner. If you want to connect two or more television sets, then remember that every TV set needs its own tuner.

Depending on the chosen package of the service you get access to high-speed Internet and more than 175 TV channels from Ukraine and the world with HD image quality.

How to connect the Internet and television in Kiev?

The IPnet provider will help you to connect TV and Internet in Kiev simply and quickly. Choose the package of services above and apply online or call (066/073/098) 507-05-07. Choose the time when specialists will be able to come to you and activate the service.

To connect services, you need only 1 hour. During this time, specialists will conduct a cable to your apartment, and install and configure all necessary equipment.

Why do users choose IPnet? Because IPnet is:
• qualified customer support;
• cable TV and Internet without interruptions and shutdowns;
• promotions and special offers for users;
• an excellent bonus program;
• pleasant prices.

Follow the offers on our site and choose the most beneficial offers to connect the Internet and TV in Kiev.