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Promotional Events

Smart Couple

Summer comes!

We present to your attention a new promotional tariff "Smart Couple" — it contains a high-quality and fast internet connection and 150 best TV channels in digital quality.

As a gift you'll get opportunity to use a powerful anti-virus, which will protect your devises from harmful software, free of charge.
Speed of Internet, Мbit/s.: 100
Number of TV channels, pcs.: 150
Price, grn./month 99,00
Connection, grn. 0,99

We wish you a happy Summer time! You can connect to a special rate "Smart Couple" from June 15 till August 28, 2019. Duration of the promo tariff is 150 days. Upon expiry of the tariff will be automatically changed to the tariff "Extra" or "Home" (depending on the fact of use of set-top box). Offer does not apply to customers who have a current or dissolved during the period of contract action in the place of service.

Mega Speed

Just now Gigabit Internet is available in a new special rate "Mega Speed". Fly over the Internet with a revolutionary speed - 1000 Mbit/s. Download, play, whatch, listen! Now the speed is enough for ALL!

And as usual you get gifts from IPnet - 70 digital TV channels and free using anti-virus.

Speed of Internet, Мbit/s.: 1000
Number of TV channels, pcs.: 70
Price, grn./month 110,00
Connection, grn. 0,99

"Mega Speed" - internet speed that inspires!

You can connect to a special rate "Mega Speed" from 1 of June till August 28, 2019. Duration of the promo tariff is 150 days. Upon expiry of the tariff will be automatically changed to the tariff "Life Online!". Offer does not apply to customers who have a current or dissolved during the period of contract action in the place of service.

Акционный тариф IPnet DUO!

IPnet представляет тариф 2-в-1! Максимальная скорость Интернет 1 Гб и 150 ТВ каналов в цифровом качестве - все это в новом тарифе IPnet DUO!

В подарок Вы получаете доступ к услуге «TV-Архив» - с этой услугой управляете эфиром Вы! А так же Вы получаете в подарок мощный антивирус Zillya, который защитит Ваши устройства от вредоносного программного обеспечения.
Скорость Интернета, Мбит/c.: 1000
Кол-во телеканалов, шт.: 155
Цена, грн./мес.: 139,00
Подключение, грн. 0,99

Оцените максимальные преимущества тарифа 2-в-1! Вы можете подключиться к акционному тарифу "IPnet DUO" с 1 марта 2019 г. по 31 августа 2019 г. Срок действия акционного тарифа - 180 дней. По окончании срока действия тариф будет автоматически изменен на тариф "Ультра". Акция не распространяется на абонентов, у которых есть действующий либо расторгнутый в период действия акции договор по месту предоставления услуги.

Friends 2.0

New promo for our regular and new customers - profitable connection! Connect friends and get bonuses to your account IPnet. More friends - more bonuses!

Connect a friend and get 100 UAH to each account. Bonus-money can be used to pay a subscription fee or pay for additional services. Each subscriber can connect any number of new subscribers. Bonus funds are credited to subscribers' accounts after the new subscriber has activated the contract. Find out all details by phone support.

Construction Holidays

For your convenience, provider IPnet has created a new service - "Construction Holidays". If your house is currently under repair and you want to connect digital TV and Internet in accordance with the rules, then use the service "Construction Holidays".

Specialists of company IPnet will provide you with the most comfortable conditions:

- Consultation about installation and cabling in the apartment is free.
- Connection cost from 0.99 UAH.
- The function "Construction Holidays" is valid up to 180 days from the date of signing and activation of the Agreement.
- Special conditions of "Construction Holidays", meaning you will pay for Internet and digital TV from the moment you start using the services, not from the moment of connection.
- Possibility to reserve promotional tariffs.
- Internet connection at speeds up to 1 Gbps and 175 digital TV channels (including 20 channels in HD quality).
- Convenient additional services: Android application 2in1 for controlling TV from the smartphone - IPnet Media Box, function "Catch Up", “Web-tv” service (the ability to watch TV channels on a laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone), "Home Cinema" service, Premium antivirus Zillya from the leading national software developer.

Best advice for the correct operation of your home Wi-Fi network and digital television:

1. It is necessary to bring the cable - twisted pair, category 5E, to the apartment and to lay it before the main point (Wi-Fi router).
2. Wi-Fi router should be placed in the center of the apartment on the open space, preferably 1-1.5 meters above the floor. A 220W power socket is required near the Wi-Fi router.
3. For a good reception of digital television, it is advisable to lay the cable from the router to the TV and put the double Internet socket type RJ 45.
4. It is also advisable to lay a separate cable to the computer, so you will ensure a stable Internet connection.
5. You should remember that the Internet signal is distributed around the apartment like a wave. The signal becomes weaker if there are too many obstacles in your apartment. The signal will be the weakest in the distant rooms.