15 Russian TV channels are seized from the list of foreign programs allowed for rebroadcasting in Ukraine.

On February, 11 The National Council deleted 15 Russian TV channels from the list of foreign programs, the content of which meets the requirements of the European Convention on Transfrontier Television and the legislation of Ukraine.

In connection with the identified violations of the national legislation during the monitoring these channels are now forbidden for broadcasting in the country: «Совершенно секретно», «Кто есть кто», «Шансон-ТВ», «Парк развлечений» , «Мир сериала», «Авто плюс», «Кухня ТВ», «КХЛ», «Наука 2.0», «Моя планета», «Телекафе», «Боец», «Время: далекое и близкое», «Настоящее Страшное Телевидение» («НСТ») and «Сарафан».

Our company plans to replace these channels and we will announce new channels in our network in the near future.

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