2016 declared a Year of English language in Ukraine!  

The corresponding decree was signed by the President of Ukraine in support of the Go Global civil initiative.  

International educational TV channel English Club TV decided to join the national program to promote English language.  

Grid broadcast of the channel is constructed in such a way that every viewer will find exactly what he needs to improve language skills. TV programs are grouped into 30-45 minute blocks, depending on the level of English: A - elementary, B - intermediate, C - expert. Each of these units follows by the specially adapted entertainment content, allowing you to assimilate new information more effectively.  

Methodists of the channel developed a 40-minute children's unit, that will help children to start learning English in an unobtrusive form of a game.  

On TV English Club TV you will also find a program aimed at improving the business English, which is extremely important in terms of international economic integration of Ukraine.  

In addition, every day, starting from February 21, 2016 English Club TV broadcasts popular movies and cartoons with subtitles. For a better understanding and memorizing vocabulary used in a particular film or animated film, the audience is invited to view the special Movie Club program.