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HDTV от IPnet.ua

HDTV in Kyiv- High Definition TV, the best HD-channels only from IPnet

The IPnet company is proud to provide you an interactive IPTV service which allows you to enjoy watching TV in HD-quality!

HDTV in Kyiv from IPnet is a modern high definition TV which provides the best picture quality available today. If you enjoy watching really high-quality TV pictures, have a TV set with wide screen and try to keep up with the times, you just need to take advantage of HDTV from IPnet. You will be pleasantly surprised by an additional set of functions: your IPTV STB serves not only as a TV tuner, but also as a full-fledged media player that allows you to watch video from your PC to your TV set screen, use popular services such as YouTube, MEGOGO, Oll.tv and view weather forecasts and traffic jams in the city.

What HD channels are available for viewing?

HDTV has become available in Ukraine not so long ago and, at the moment, not all channels are available in this format. IPnet have regular talks with television channels in order to increase the number of HD channels to its subscribers.

Today the following HD channels are already available in HDTV format:

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Premium channel TV1000 Premium HD consists mainly of first TV runs of the latest Hollywood films which have prestigious awards.

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TV1000 Megahit HD represents the latest blockbusters and major cinema franchises.

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TV1000 Comedy HD channel is dedicated to first-class comedies that can change your mood solely for the better at any time of the day or night.

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The channel Viasat Nature HD has unique high quality documentaries about the nature.
The channel Viasat History HD has high quality historical documentary programs.



Україна HD – is the country's leading national television channel. Favorite programs and series of the channel are now available for viewing in HD format in all tariff packages.

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НЛО TV HD - is a television channel for young viewers that broadcasts programs of its own production, premieres, popular TV series, films and shows.

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Індиго TV HD channel broadcasts programs on modern lifestyle, hobbies, fashion, cooking, family and the harmony of human relations.


Digital HDTV from IPnet

Digital television in Kyiv by IPnet contains more than 125 channels in digital quality, which include all broadcast television channels, popular foreign channels, Viasat, sports channels and National Geographic. And special offer - Packages «VIP cinema" channels, «TV1000 HD» and «HD channels." Digital TV from IPnet is available for viewing on a computers without any additional devices, on your TV screen using the set-top box (STB), and on SMART TVs, Samsung and LG.

You can connectto digital TV IPTV in Kiev very easy/ You just need to fill the application form, and manager of IPnet will contact you!



What is the fundamental difference of HDTV from standard TV?


  • HDTV has a much higher resolution than the standard TV. The image quality of Full HD - picture frame looks better, detailed and clear by up to six times.
  • HDTV does not have standards for the transmission of video in 4:3 format - only 16:9.
  • It supports the speed of up to 60 progressive frames per second while the standard television supports only 25/30 frames per second (or 50/60 half-frames per second).
  • It also supports a variety of digital audio formats (up to Dolby Digital 5.1 - surround sound reproduction system provides six channels of surround digital sound that creates the effect of cinema).


It is very easy to connect to HDTV services in Kyiv from IPnet. Just go to "How to Connect" and fill in "Application for Connection". Using our services, you will be able to access the most interesting and high-quality HD channels, many of which are represented exclusively by our company only.

IPnet HDTV - is the future of digital television. Join us!