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General questions

Examples of contracts IPnet

Example of the contract for the provision of services 

Example of equipment lease contract 

Terms of use of services and network IPnet

How does the IPnet Club loyalty program work?

The longer you use the services of Internet access and digital television with IPnet - the more bonuses you get!

Details here.

Financial questions

Can I pay IPnet services through payment terminals?

Yes, IPnet company's services can be paid through a standard payment terminals “24 NonStop”, “EasyPay”,  “iBox” and "TYME" without any commission.

Where can I get a receipt for the payment?

Receipt for payment of services IPnet can be printed from a personal subscriber page - "Personal Settings" or in our offices

Is there an alternative method of payment for IPnet services without leaving home?

Yes, you can pay for IPnet services online:

I had paid the bill, but there is no money in my account. Why?

Deposit is based on the bank statement. Payment Bank transfer can take up to 3 business days or more, depending on the particular bank. If you want to get the service before the money on your bank statement will be, you can use next options: to send the scanned receipt from a personal user page or to contact the manager at the Customer Service office, where you can also submit your receipt. After that, the temporary reciept will be brought to account (contract). This will allow you to get services of Internet and digital television for a some time.

Please note: avoid off debt, we recommend self-monitoring of your balance and make the appropriate payment in advance.

Technical questions

How to connect and configure the Wi-Fi router?

Additionally, IPnet offers to subscribers to buy Wi-Fi-equipment, and our engineerscan setting it.

The "setting WiFi» means to connect one computer, to check the Wi-Fi-equipment operability, and demonstrated it to the subscriber.

Wireless routers setup manuals:

Asus RT-GS

D-Link DIR-300

D-Link DIR-615

TP-Link 741ND

TP-Link 841ND

The list and the cost of the equipment are available on our site.

How to connect and configure Smart TV / STB?

Detailed instructions for setting up our TV application on different models of TVs and set-top boxes are available on the website.

How to update/install the IPnet application on Android TV Box devices


Загрузить приложение Ipnet android tv

How does work the STB?

Device Manual of STB is available by the following link in .PDF format (Acrobat Reader):

MAG250.pdf (2,43 МБ)

How to update/install an IPnet application on DUNE HD devices

Before installation, carefully read the instructions:

Dune installation guide.pdf

Download application dune_plugin_ipnet_ua_v003_2017_04_14.zip

Questions about connection

How can I connect to the network IPnet?

At the moment, IPnet provides connectivity services to its own fiber optic network in these districts of Kiev: Obolon, Darnytskiy and Desnianskiy districts.

You can check the ability of connection on our website (the page Coverage) or by contacting us by phone 507-05-05.

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Where can I find the tariffs and the cost of connection?

Relevant information about the tariff plans, you can always find on our website in the section Tariffs or by phone 507-05-07.

Выбрать тариф

Do you lay the cable in the apartment or office?

The total cost of connection enters the line laying to subscriber's apartment, the initial setup of hardware and software of his computer, and providing 20 meters of cable.
The laying of cable inside the subscriber's apartment is not included in the cost of connection.
However, the user can order the cabling and patch cords in the apartment at an additional cost.

What kinds of hardware and software should be to use the network IPnet?

The connection is make via the Ethernet technology. It is enough to have a personal computer and a network card 100baseTX standard (full-duplex). Software - any operating system that supports tcp/ip protocol will be suitable 

Questions about the services

Do you provide e-mail service?

Yes, at the conclusion of the contract specify login and the password, which will determine the access to customer e-mail box. The client receives the address type login@ipnet.ua

Access to your mailbox is performed with the following parameters:

  • Incoming Mail Server (Incoming mail server): mail.ipnet.ua
  • Outgoing Mail Server (Outgoing SMTP server): mail.ipnet.ua 

For subscribers who signed contracts to 01.05.2006, the server running:

  • Incoming Mail Server (Incoming mail server): mail.ipnet.kiev.ua
  • Outgoing Mail Server (Outgoing SMTP server): mail.ipnet.kiev.ua

Accordingly, the e-mail address is login@ipnet.kiev.ua.

For using the mail, you can use all the POP3-client, specifying the appropriate parameters POP3- and the SMTP-server, or by at http://mail.ipnet.ua http://mail.ipnet.kiev.ua or web interface respectively.

Please note that the mailbox limit depends on your tariff.

What the difference between the rates?

Tariff plans have different speed of access to different resources, the number of TV channels and in additional services from IPnet. For more information, visit our site or call our Contact Center 507-05-05.

What is the cost of changing the tariff plan?

At the moment, the transition to a tariff plan with a higher monthly fee tariff is free of charge. The cost of the transition to a tariff plan with a lower monthly fee tariff plan (with a difference of more than 5 UAH.) is 50.00 UAH.

Can I connect only one service - Internet or TV?

No. Currently IPnet only offers packages of 2-in-1, providing simultaneous access to the Internet and digital television.

I'm moving and want to use your services at the new address. Is it possible?

1. If you are moving to the address where there IPnet network coverage aria, you should contact the office for renewal of the contract. In this case, the connection to the new address will be free. Your cash balance and loyally program will retain. In addition, it is possible to keep your email, if you pre-notify the manager.

2. If you move the address, where there is no network coverage IPnet then you need to apply for cancellation of the contract. The application can be submitted in the office or from personal page at least 14 days before the planned date (according to the Rules). Upon termination of the final settlements the contract will be terminated.

Go to your personal page.

Do you have service of suspension of the contract?

Yes, IPnet provides the ability to suspend the contract from 14 to 60 days during the year in all tariffs. The suspension is made pre-filed with a specific period. The monthly cost of the tariff package is not paid during the period of suspension.

Prepaid traffic and packet monthly fee in the month in which the suspension is calculated in proportion to the days spent. Recalculation of monthly fee is done on 1 of the following month at the close of the period.

What are your external channels?

Our company IPnet is an official participant of Ukrainian Network for internet traffic exchange UA-IX. The speed of access to the network, which is part of Ukrainian Network is 10 Gbit/s. The speed of access to networks, not members of the Ukrainian Network is 5 Gbit/s. In addition, IPnet warrants increasing the capacity of external channels with increasing customer needs.