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IPnet Business - resources for your business

We create integrated solutions in telecommunications for our business clients to ensure development and stability. Our team uses innovative technologies and experience to implement your projects.
Steady Internet connection up to 1000 Mbps
Data channels, Data Center services, Digital TV
Video surveillance to make your business secure
Guaranteed data channel 24/7


  • Unlimited Ethernet connectivity
  • Selection of the optimal rate that meets your needs
  • Providing a static IP address or IP address pool
  • Digital TV channel package, 175 channels, public display rights
  • Providing data channels up to 10 Gbit/s
  • Data Center services
  • Individual sending of accounting documents
  • 24/7 network monitoring
  • Video surveillance services for commercial real estate (external and internal)
  • Individual rates for any number of cameras and video archive volume in cloud servers
  • Individual design and construction of IT infrastructure for your business
  • IT support for your infrastructure
  • 24/7 information and technical support


We offer standard and individual rates for business and guarantee data transfer 24/7.


Connection port
100 Mbps
Internet speed
10 Mbps

700 UAH/mth

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Connection port
100 Mbps
Internet speed
20 Mbps

900 UAH/mth

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Connection port
100 Mbps
Internet speed
30 Mbps

1150 UAH/mth

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Connection port
100 Mbps
Internet speed
30 Mbps

1200 UAH/mth

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Connection port
100 Mbps
Internet speed
50 Mbps

1500 UAH/mth

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Connection port
100 Mbps
Internet speed
100 Mbps

2200 UAH/mth

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IPnet provides individual rates for the Internet connection at speed up to 1000 Mbps. For more information, please contact tel. + 38-044-507-05-05.


The IPnet.Camera service provides access to online video broadcast and video archive from cameras. Order Video Surveillance to control your business.

VIDEO 2x48

Number of cameras
2 Full HD
48 hours

250 UAH/mth

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VIDEO 4x120

Number of cameras
4 Full HD
5 days

760 UAH/mth

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IPnet provides individual Video surveillance rates for the necessary number of cameras. For more information, please contact tel. + 38-044-507-05-05.


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Internet and digital television for business

For a modern business, development is of crucial importance; therefore, keeping up with the time and improving operating activities is a must. ...

The round-the-clock unlimited Internet for organizations with affordable tariffs including essential additional options for corporate clients can become an irreplaceable assistant in achieving it. It is much easier to work this way since the network expands opportunities not only for a company, but for its clients as well.

For example, when working in an office with a quick access to a resource, one can promptly really solve internal problems or supervise cooperation with partners. Sending documents, transferring funds, making purchases, checking orders and many other tasks are convenient to complete with the unlimited Internet in the office.

The benefits of connecting the Internet and television for corporate clients

Connecting to digital television for business beneficial solution as well, since a high resolution quality, numerous channels and sustainable broadcasting modernize operating process. For example, a self-respecting catering company (a cafe, bar, food court, pastry shop, etc.) pay attention to a respectable appearance of their hall and a large TV screen often helps. Public digital television in a restaurant enables to make the guests' pastime more exciting and demonstrates respectability of the business.

The Internet for a hotel creates conditions that make it easy to accept new guests, operate orders and reservations, keep records and pay for services. Wi-Fi zones for guests play an important role, since they provide a quick access to resources. High-quality digital TV will also delight guests in a lobby or rooms.

Choosing the unlimited Internet for small businesses is raising the work to a new progressive level. For example, an owner of a private dental clinic can benefit from this. While watching interesting channels, patients will be distracted from treatment process and will be able to relax if they are scared of procedures while they are waiting in the queue. This is especially true for children, since young visitors are always naughty and nervous, and exciting children's programs (Pixel TV, NIKI Kids HD or Boomerang) will help them to calm down and set on a positive mood.

IPnet offers to connect to iptv and the unlimited Internet for corporate clients in Kiev. For subscribers company offered a comprehensive communication solution, a basic or personal tariff and an individual approach.

The service list by “IPnet” for business connection of the provider

When signing an agreement on connecting to the Internet for a cafe, commercial enterprise, and etc. anyone can make use of the technical support option. The service operates on the twenty-four-seven basis.

A convenient personal account control panel and additional useful functions are at subscribers' disposal. The provider offers flexible payment methods for iptv and the Internet tariffs for office and other services in Kyiv.

The company offers to its users:

  • constant speed up to 1000 Mbit per second;
  • resources of information transmission;
  • Data Center function;
  • interactive TV broadcasting;
  • video surveillance for increased security;
  • sustainable traffic of data transmission 24/7.

Thanks to these innovative technologies, successful project management and solution of comprehensive challenges are guaranteed.

When cooperating with the provider for establishing a business connection, each user selects the most proper tariff. The basic subscriber packages include the "Corporation" subscription that contains several versions. They differ by access speed, whose parameters vary from 10 to 100 Mbit per second. There is an opportunity to connect to a comprehensive package 2 in 1 and a network with a bandwidth up to 1000 Mbit/s.

An online resource and television for a hotel or any other company have the right of public broadcasting. Therefore, there will be no difficulties or problems with broadcasting for a large audience. The list of channels includes up to 175 sources of various categories:

  • nationwide;
  • entertaining;
  • sports;
  • movie;
  • VIP movie;
  • educational;
  • kids';
  • informational;
  • musical;
  • a selection of Viasat HD.

Most public channels are optimized to suit Full HD and HD format. Thus, this guarantees high quality of television image and dynamic picture in a cafe or any other public place.

The Internet for an office of Kiev can be connected together with an additional service - video surveillance. The option provides access to virtual broadcast and archived recordings. This provides an increased security level in offices, warehouses, server rooms, etc.

Cooperating with IPnet is beneficial and convenient due to systematic service rendering. It means that a client does not need to worry about any nuances. The company's representatives will perform all the manipulations themselves. Starting from cable laying and up to customizing the equipment - everything is performed by the qualified staff.

Connection advantages by “IPnet”

Network connection and television for business from professionals - is a beneficial step towards developing your own business. When signing a cooperation agreement, a subscriber has the opportunity to evaluate the provider’s activities advantages:

  • unlimited traffic;
  • selection of the most suitable tariff plan for every client;
  • provision of personal IP data;
  • wide selection of channels;
  • high data transmission rate up to 10 Gbit/s;
  • regular monitoring;
  • video surveillance function for commercial objects;
  • personal IT system design;
  • support and assistance in infrastructure development;
  • prompt consulting services on all the issues;
  • available technical support.

To order high-quality TV broadcasting and the Internet for business in Kyiv by IPnet and to get information about the price, please, contact us by the toll-free number or order a callback on the website. Our manager will clarify the details and send specialists to the required address. You can find the contact information the main page.

The service desk responsible for processing inquiries from corporate clients accepts requests on weekdays from 10.00 to 20.00. It takes 16 working hours to complete the agreement and no more than 1 hour to install the necessary equipment.