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Today, a large number of companies provide their telecommunication services in the capital of Ukraine. Along with well-known operators, operating for many years and covering almost all areas of Kyiv (including Obolon, Troyeschyna, Darnytsya, Kharkivskiy) the market is filled by smaller companies which are actively advertising their advantages. Usually, if you want to connect to the Internet and reside in an apartment building, you will have several internet providers available in Kyiv, as well as a variety of connection techniques. How to choose the best one?

Please, have a look at the rates of the IPnet company for Internet and digital TV – they will be cheerful for you! Moreover, you have an option to order your connection on-line !

Choosing your connection technique

To use the existing telephone line seems to be the simplest way. Today, the technology of the Internet connection through the phone is called ADSL. This system transmits the data in parallel to the talks, does not load the telephone line and provides a data receive rate of up to 20 Mbyte/sec and a data transmission rate of up to 3 Mbyte/sec. Those are the parameters of Internet services, for example, provided by Ukrtelecom. Similar services are provided by some other ISPs in Kyiv and Ukraine. (See below Internet service providers in districts of Kyiv).

In order to connect, you need to buy a special ADSL-modem. Alas, no need to lay a separate cable - is virtually the only advantage of this method. Today, much higher speeds (up to 100 Mbps or even 1 Gbps) are provided by those ISPs in Kyiv which have their connection points in multi-story buildings (Fiber Optic Internet). In addition, the subscription fee for their services, on average, is not greater than ADSL-competitors.

Therefore, we take into account the obvious fact that only fiber optic can now ensure a competitive position in respect of data transmission rates.

Choosing the provider

Internet providers in Kyiv are grouped by three main parameters: such as speed of access, stability and cost of services (subscription fee). There is also the fourth important parameter which is quite subjective. It is the quality of work and maintenance of the network: compliance with promised average data rate, daily rate fluctuations, number and frequency of access point failure, speed and effectiveness of repair, etc.

Let’s have a look at "fiber optic" Internet providers in Kyiv based on the above parameters.

There exist the companies which sell their services in many cities of Ukraine. Their distinctive feature is the “2-in-1” service, that is, the connection is made not only to the Internet but to cable TV as well. However, in this country, and, especially, in the capital, there are strong local service providers providing similar services (See below. Internet service providers in districts of Kiev). Their undeniable advantage over providers nationwide is to provide access to a local network with its free and unlimited resources (music, applications, movies, etc.).

It is no secret that customers of nationwide companies are not always satisfied with their performance. While the cost of their services is rather high, their quality remains at a mediocre level. This is due to a too extended branching of regional offices and insufficient control over them. However, large ISPs in cities (in Kiev and other cities with million plus population) are better able to cope with the volume of maintenance work of their networks.

Internet Service Providers in Districts of Kyiv

Today, the best solution for residents of Obolon, Darnytsya and Desnyanskiy district, of course, is high speed and stable Internet from the technology leader - The IPnet company. At a very reasonable subscription fee, the company provides the “2-in-1”service, which is a stable access to the Internet at the speed of up to 1 Gbps and to 125 TV channels in digital quality of video and sound. No other providers of Kiev in Obolon, Troyeschyna, Darnytsya and Kharkivskiy district can provide such a comfortable combination of speed, reliability and cost of their services.

Advantages of IPnet vs other Internet providers in Kyiv:

  • the largest telecommunications operator in the capital;
  • comfortable and affordable packages “2-in-1”, flexible pricing which depends on required parameters of a network and a number of digital television channels;
  • use of advanced technologies, the highest possible speed of fiber optic internet;
  • optimal design of external channels, their one hundred percent back up;
  • options to choose an optimal tariff package for any needs;
  • 10 years of successful operations in the market of Internet services in Kyiv;
  • no interruptions and "dead time" in work;
  • collaboration with leading international backbone operators;
  • continuous improvement of the quality of work and attention to each client.